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MyDiskBackup Online | Offsite Backup Service

MyDiskBackup is a fully automated, secure backup system for all your computer files.

Stop worrying about remembering to go through a complicated backup protocol, having anxieties about a tape or other backup system that can malfunction or be corrupted, setting up your own remote storage, or even losing "the backup tape/disk that (someone) has to take home."

MyDiskBackup is an easy, set-it-and-forget-it system. If something happens to your computer, restoring your files and data is simple and easy.

All you have to do to get the peace of mind and security of BOTH remote AND local backup is:

  1. Set up MyDiskBackup on your computer or server
  2. Pick a time for the daily download
  3. Forget about worrying!

If you DO have a disaster happen -- from an electrical "fry" of your system to a crashed hard drive (and anything in between) – all you have to do is get online with MyDiskBackup, put in your login and password and determine what you want to restore.

It really is just that easy!

Concerned about privacy and security? MyDiskBackup is HIPAA compliant! It meets all the privacy rules now on the books or contemplated!

Want to see how it works? Try our free 30-day trial! It takes only a little hard drive space, and it could save your business (and your mind!)