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MyDiskBackup-DR: Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Now when your computers and servers have a bad day YOU DON'T HAVE TO!


The MyDiskBackup-DR service continually replicates your entire IT infrastructure to our clouds so that WHEN disaster strikes you can continue running your business from ANY Internet connection...  


Why Warm / HOT Disaster Recovery?

The answer boils down to one of many relevant four-letter words:  COST.  

Think of these questions:

  • What does it cost you for each of your employees at X dollars per hour to sit there scratching their head while your IT staff struggles to get systems running again?  Even REBUILD all your systems? How about during an extended power outage (remember how hurricane Katrina affected power thousands of miles away)?

  • How much does it cost for you to PAY for your in-house or outsourced IT staff to rebuild everything - how about under duress or at emergency rates?

  • What does it cost you to LOSE that BIG DEAL you were supposed to have sold or fulfilled during your downtime?

  • If you are in a regulated industry such as Medical, Financial, Government what does it cost you to report the data loss to all of your customers?  Or to fail an audit as a result? How about fines for non-complinace, or worse, jail-time?

  • A little simple math goes a long way to understanding the risk to your bottom line; can you afford to NOT use MyDiskBackup-DR or at least the MyDiskBackup Online Backup Service?

Key Benefits:

  • GREATLY Reduced System Downtime: you can be working again in minutes instead of hours even days from any Internet connection.

  • File Data AND FULL SYSTEM Protection: we replicate your computer/server's operating system and files every 15 minutes to our clouds in TWO top-tier datacenters located in disaster-neutral locations.  

  • FAST Ramp-Up: MyDiskBackup-DR can be implemented quickly and with minimal intervention.

  • No Capital Investment: The entire datacenter, operating system, software, and hardware components are provided as part of the service. You will have no redundant colocation facilities, no bandwidth fees, no servers and no storage area networks (SANs) to maintain.

  • Busines Recovery Plan (BRP): Every business is unique, thus a BRP needs to be created to map your technology environment, staff behavior as well as the steps required at restore time. Your business recovery plan will be created in consultation with our staff. BRPs are critical for audits of industry compliance (HIPAA / PCI / SOX, etc.) and for documentation of business practices.

  • No Financial Risk: Fixed term contracts, no bandwidth fees and no hidden costs mean you can stabalize your bottom line and connect as often as you need to protect / restore your digital assets.

  • Reduced Compliance Risk:  We will sign a Business Associates Agreement for HIPAA, and we do follow all protocols and more to meet HIPAA / PCI / SOX requirements.

  • No Additional IT Staff Required: Continued maintenance, testing, and support of the DR site and software is provided. 

How MyDiskBackup-DR Disaster Recovery Service Works:

MDB-DR Steps


  1. Your local computers/servers are configured with the MyDiskBackup-DR agent (see graphic below).


  2. Your computers continually replicate to the ON-SITE MyDiskBackup-Dr Replication & Faiilover Servers.  

  3. The ON-SITE MyDiskBackup-Dr Replication & Faiilover Servers are then replicated in their entirety to the MyDiskBackup-Dr Replication & Faiilover Cloud 1, which is replicated to Cloud 2.  Any of these replicated sets of your computers can be booted from so you can continue working, business as usual!