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Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Lost Data, Servers, Desktops?

OnlineBackupWarmDisasterRecovery IconNO PROBLEM! Learn how our backup service gives you peace of mind with near - realtime backup and the ability to work from your replicated servers / desktops in minutes.

Online Backup  or Disaster Recovery

MyDiskBackup - Specializing in Saving Your Livelihood!

MyDiskBackup is a fully automated, secure backup system for all your computer files.  MyDiskBackup-DR can clone your local computers and servers in near-real-time to our Disaster Recovery Cloud so you can run your operations within 15 minutes of a catastrophic event. 

Stop worrying about remembering to go through a complicated backup protocol, having anxieties about a tape or other backup system that can malfunction or be corrupted, setting up your own remote storage, or even losing "the backup tape/disk that (someone) has to take home."

MyDiskBackup is an easy, set-it-and-forget-it system. If something happens to your computer, restoring your files and data is simple and easy.

Learn more about Online Backup  or Disaster Recovery